Friday, 9 May 2014

The Bread Of Life

My sermon for the midweek Eucharist at St. Andrew's last Wednesday (7th May) - the Gospel reading was John 6:35-40.

I am the bread of life

Me. Nobody else. When they come to you and say “This will make you happy” or “What you really need” or even “The Bible definitely says...” - talk to me first.
Don't let them draw you away, fool you with their clever slogans, snappy titles and enticing images.
Look to me, to my cross, to my body broken for you.

I am the bread of life

Not “I was,” or “I will be,” but I am.
Yesterday, today & tomorrow.
Before Abraham was, “I am.”
When the world began, when the world ends, wherever you are, however you are feeling, when you laugh or smile or hurt or cry or don't have the strength to do any of them... when you breathed your first breath & when you breathe your last... I am.

I am the bread of life

The real deal – not some cut price, wafer thin, bleached white, no taste Smartprice loaf but a big, tasty, thickly cut tea, jam & butter by a roaring fire occasion.
The only thing you need to sustain you, the ultimate comfort food. Enjoy me, come back for more – there is always more.


I am the bread of life

Not “of existence.”
Not “of survival.”
In all it's fullness, the perfect embodiment of living life as it should be lived; loving, sharing, welcoming not rejecting, seeking mercy, doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly with our God. Being who I was called to be.
Helping others do the same.

I am broken for you – continually broken for you –
because I love you.

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