Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tomorrow's Sunday

Here's my debut article for the Sunderland Echo's 'Tomorrow's Sunday' column - published 14th December 2013.
Tomorrow is the Third Sunday of Advent, and many churches will be lighting a pink (or rose) coloured candle on their wreath. This candle always stands out against the dark, penitential purple candles in the other three spaces, drawing the eye when the whole is unlit. This is only right, as traditionally the third candle represents Joy – Joy that we are now closer to Christmas, Joy at the impending celebrations of the birth of Jesus, Joy that the wait will soon be over.

However, amongst all the busyness and stress that our commercialised Christmas now carries with it, it can be hard to find that Joy, let alone time to appreciate it. We get so weighed down by the pressure to make Christmas 'perfect' that we miss the point; so concerned with buying things to show we care we fail to show the people around us how much we value them.

So this Sunday, why not take a few moments to stop, draw breath and be still? Maybe pray if you can? Look around at what you have achieved, the stuff you have accumulated and ask if you really need to do more. Allow yourself to be thankful for what you have, and pray for those who are less fortunate. Then help your friends and loved ones do the same. Like the rose candle blazing in the darkness that surrounds it, let the love of Christ fill your heart with his joy, and his peace, as you prepare to celebrate the most special of birthdays.

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